Miguel Gil Moreno de Mora Macián was born on 21 June 1967 in Barcelona. At the age of 24 he left the top law firm where he was working and without any previous journalistic experience began to tell and show the world all the injustices of war. First destination: The Balkans. It was the summer of 1993.
His good nature, courage to learn and commitment to his work, in addition to his evident willingness to help everyone, meant he was immediately accepted by the veteran reporters then deployed in Sarajevo.

Images shot by Miguel have been seen worldwide. His camera captured the anguish of the Kosovar Albanians, harassed by the Serbian military in Pristina. He was the only Western journalist to stay in the city during the NATO air offensive against the Yugoslav Army. He also accompanied the fledgling Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) from which he obtained his first action shots, spending two weeks under Serb shelling. But the most dangerous time of his life, as he himself wrote, was in Chechnya, when he was one of only three Western journalists to manage to enter the capital, Grozny, under heavy Russian shelling and bombing. His images became windows to the outside world that the Chechens were able to open in five years of war.

Miguel caminando sobre balas

Miguel did some excellent, hazardous and humanitarian work on many battlefronts including Bosnia, Kosovo, Congo, Liberia, Rwanda, Sudan, Chechnya and Sierra Leone.
Sudan, Chechnya and Sierra Leone.
On 24 May 2000 while he was working he was killed in a guerrilla ambush in Sierra Leone.

Miguel was a war correspondent who made his life into service for others, the truth of events and the innocent people who suffer from armed conflicts to get us to understand the senselessness of war and persuade the international community to act.

Miguel Goil Moreno biografía

“Miguel loved his job because he thought it was the most beautiful of professions and he was determined to tell the world about the horrors and stories of wars”.