“What seems impossible today will be possible tomorrow”

If you wish to make a non-refundable donation, contribute to and/or participate in the Foundation’s projects, please find the necessary information on private or businesses.


Every day more and more businesses show their concerns for social issues and their wish to show solidarity.
This wish means that more companies are adding social responsibility to their structure. As a result, social responsibility is beginning to take shape as a new way of understanding business activity.
The Miguel Gil Moreno Foundation offers businesses the chance to participate in and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of victims of war when the conflict is no longer on the front pages. Companies also have the chance to help the families of reporters, especially freelance reporters, who lose their lives in the battlefield. A shared commitment. A commitment to working side by side on a project with the ultimate aim of eradicating poverty and improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged.


How can your company contribute?

1. By sponsoring the Foundations activities for raising awareness: making financial contributions or by offering free services from your company.

2. By donating goods: surplus products that you no longer have use for but that are in good condition, for example, due to a change of packaging or brand name or for whatever reason.


If you would like more information, contact:
Fundación Miguel Gil Moreno
C/ Camelias, 23 Bajos – 08024 Barcelona. Tel (0034)(0034)93 219 51 79

Or send the following form. Download it here.



La Fundación agradece a todas las empresas e instituciones su colaboración:

Generalitat de CatalunyaFundación RoviraltaAldo-Unión

Obra Social "laCaixa"Atiram HotelsPenguin Random House Grupo Editorial

FeelFourFundación Antoni Serra Santamans


If you wish to contribute to and participate in the Foundation’s projects:

1. By financial contribution

You can make a donation to the account below:
“La Caixa” ES81 2100 0795 10 020 017 4833
Banco de Sabadell Atlántico ES92 0081 7019 62 000 106 6710
Or send the following form download it here. Download here.

2. By donating goods:

If you wish to make such a donation, please contact our office by phone 93 219 51 79 or via e-mail: info@fundacionmiguelgilmoreno.com


Miguel Gil Moreno

The Foundation would like to thank all the companies and institutions for their support:

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