On the 24th May 2000, an ambush in Sierra Leona ended the life of Miguel Gil Moreno.

His colleagues and friends wanted to write something about his commitment, his journey and his vocation for “live filming”.

After his death they decided to get together and write a book called Los ojos de la guerra, the profits of which went directly into creating the Miguel Gil Moreno Prize for Journalism.

The Miguel Gil Moreno prize for journalism has been awarded, now every two years, since 2002 to the work that best meets professional excellence requirements, shares the spirit of Miguel and his conception of the profession of correspondent as a service to society, and which takes the risks needed to report the injustices and acts of solidarity seen int the course of their works.

Miguel Gil Moreno

Miguel, Lauren Var der Stockt (Gamma Agency) and Michel Peyrard (Paris Match) said to each other in Chechnya: “If we ever get out of this alive, we’ll celebrate at the Crillon Hotel in Paris.” And that’s exactly what they did.