The following people have been members of the jury…

Santiago Lyon

(Jury member 2002-2011)

Current International Director of Photography for Associated Press. Julio Fuentes International Award for Journalism, among other recognitions. In almost 20 years on the job he has photographed The Gulf War, The Bosnian War, conflicts in El Salvador, Panama, Somalia, Yemen and Albania. Lyon summarises his work philosophy like this: “I try not to fall into the trap of thinking that a photo is going to change the world, but if it influences one or two people, or just one, then that is enough.” His career has been endorsed by two World Press Photo awards, two Pictures of the Year, the Bayeux Award for War Photography and the Godó Award of Photojournalism.

Enric Martí

(Jury member 2002-2012-2014)

Current Associated Press Director of Photography for Latin America. The photographer from Barcelona learned his job in the late 80’s working for France Presse and Reuters, with whom he went almost all over of Central America and later Jerusalem. He covered the Gulf War and the Balkan conflict. He has worked for Associated Press in Cairo and has travelled to Africa, Asia and the Middle East. A proof is the many awards his work has earned him: An Ortega y Gasset, a World Press Photo, a Julio Funtes Award for Journalism and the Bayeux.

Javier Bauluz

(Jury member 2002-2011-2014)

Current Director of the online newspaper Periodismo Humano. For more than a decade his photography has been showing the world the disasters of the wars in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Rwanda, Bosnia and Zaire, among others. He is considered the most internationally renowned Spanish freelance photographer. Since 1986 he has covered a number of conflicts, with the intention of touching people’s hearts. Together with his colleagues from Associated Press, in 1995, Bauluz received the Pulitzer Award for Journalism for his photojournalist work in Rwanda. He has also received other important professional awards including the Godó Award, the Journalism Freedom Award, the Julio Fuentes Award for Journalism, the Photo Press Award and the Journalism and Human Rights Award in 2008. As a journalist, is the author of the book “Sombras en combate” (Shadows in Combat) and “Ruanda, amor en tiempos de cólera” (Rwanda, Love in the Time of Cholera). He belongs to the group of the ten Spanish photojournalists authors of Latidos de un mundo convulso (Beatind of a convulsed world) in 2008

Manuel Leguineche

(Jury member 2002-2004)

Writer and Journalist. Founder of the news agencies Colpisa and Fax Press. His books have paved the way for a new genre in Spain, becoming the undisputed master of literary journalism. His many works include, “Los años de la infamia: crónica de la II Guerra Mundial” (The Years of Disgrace: Chronicle of the Second World War), “Adiós, Hong-Kong” (Goodbye, Hong Kong), “Annual 1921“, “Apocalipsis Mao: una visión de la nueva China” (Apocalypse Mao: A Vision of the New China), “La felicidad de la tierra” (The Happiness of Earth), “Recordad Pearl Harbour” (Remember Pearl Harbour) and “Gibraltar“. Some of the awards his work has received are The National Prize for Journalism, The Pluma de Oro, The Cirilo Rodriguez, The Godó, the Julio Camba and the Ortega and Gasset.

Ramón Lobo

(Jury member 2002-2012-2014)

The Venezuelan journalist, now settled in Spain, has worked for El País newspaper since 1992 and, as awar reporter he has also covered innumerable wars and conflicts on four continents: Argentina, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania (Kosovo), Chechnya, Iraq, Haiti, Rwanda, Zaire, The Democratic Republic of The Congo, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Sierra Leone and The Philippines. He is the author of “El héroe inexistente” (The Inexistent Hero), a collection of his personal experiences and his visions of these journeys, and the novel, “Isla África” (Africa Island) and “Cuadernos de Kabul“(Kabul Notebooks). He has been awarded XVIII Cirilo Rodriguez Award for Journalism, the Intercultural to the Convivence in Melilla Award and recently has been awarded the prize José Manuel Porquet for his blog “En la boca del lobo”.

Arturo Pérez Reverte

(Jury member 2002-2004)

Exclusively dedicated to literature after 21 years (1973-1994) as a reporter for the press, radio and television covering international conflicts.
At the end of 1996 his collection “Las aventuras del capitán Alatriste” (“The Adventures of Captain Alatriste”), was published, which from its launch became one of the most successful literary series. Arturo Perez Reverte was admitted into the Royal Spanish Academy on the 12th June 2003.

Fernando Quintela

(Jury member 2002-2011)

His most recent position was as Director of the company MUNDO TV and Deputy Director of VEO TV. He began his career as a special envoy for El Mundo, in prominent episodes of wars in Bosnia and later in Havana. Premio a la Solidaridad (Solidarity Award) as a photographer. Finalist in various Fotopress Prizes. He received an award from the International Press Centre for the article “El precio de un niño” (The Price of a child) (selling of babies in Paraguay), and “Vampiros de órganos” (Organ Vampires) (organ trafficking in Mexico).
In 1999 and 2000 was finalist for the King of Spain International Award for investigative reports showed in Antena 3 TV. In 2001, he received the Antena de Oro Award from the Spanish television and the award Protagonistas de TV. In recent years he has become an exceptional witness of the drama lived by the immigrants crossing the Gibraltar Strait.

Gervasio Sánchez

(Jury member 2002-2007)

Independent journalist who specialises in armed conflict. He has narrated the majority of the most significant conflicts since 1984 with his camera, his voice and his pen (Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Bosnian conflict). He is the author of various photography books: “El Cerco de Sarajevo” (The Siege of Sarajevo),  “Vidas Minadas” (Mined Lives), “Kosovo“,  “Niños de la guerra” (War Children), “La Caravana de la Muerte“, “Las víctimas de Pinochet“(The Caravan of Death. Pinochet´s Victims). In November 2004 he published “Salvar a los niños soldados” (Saving Child Soldiers), la historia del misionero Chema Caballero in Sierra Leone.
He has received, amongst others, the Cirilo Rodriguez Prize, International Press Club Prize and the Human Rights Journalism Prize. The Aragonese Institutions have awarded him the Santa Isabel Portugal Gold Medal and the Medal for Professional Merit, as well as making him an adopted son of Zaragoza. Since 1998 he has been a special envoy for UNESCO.

Fernando González-Urbaneja

(Jury member 2007-2010)

His career has taken him to practice journalism on the three media: the press, radio and television.
He is journalist and the current chairman of the Association of the Madrid Press and the Federation for the Associations of Spainish Press (FAPE) until September 2008.
In May 2004, the Spanish government made him a member of the committee of experts for the state reform of the media. Professor in the Department of Economic History at the Carlos III University since 1999. Currently a regular contributor to Onda Cero and the newspapers, ABC, La Estrella y 20 Minutos.

Bru Rovira

(Jury member 2003-2011-2014)

He has worked as a reporter for La Vanguardia for twenty-five years.
His job as special correspondent began in Romania. He also wrote about the transition in Eastern Europe countries and on the war in the Former Yugoslavia.
He has covered many conflicts and humanitarian crises in Africa, writing about Rwanda. He has traveled through Central America and Asia and has written several books, including “35 días en China” (35 days in China), written with Eugenio Madueño. He was the winner of the first edition of the Miguel Gil Moreno Prize for Journalism, for his story writing “El último refugio. Todo el dolor del mundo” (The Last Refuge. All the Pain in the World).

Elsa González Díaz

(Jury member 2012)

She graduated in Journalism from the Complutense University and has a PhD in Journalism from CEU San Pablo University. She began her career at the newspaper Pueblo and worked at Cadena SER. At present she is editor-in-chief of the Society department at Cadena COPE. Professor of Radio at CEU San Pablo University and co-author of several articles and books on radio, women and specialised journalism. In 2005 she received the International Press Club prize for best radio work in the year.

Maruja Torres

(Jury member 2012)

She is a writer and journalist (she contributes to the newspaper El País). From 1982 to 1984 she contributed to El País and worked for TVE. She then left El País to go to work for Diario 16, where her daily column was one of the most read in the press at the time. She has been a war correspondent in Lebanon, Panama and Israel and has covered many major events of contemporary history. Winner of the Planeta Prize in 2000 for “Mientras vivimos” and the Nadal Prize in 2009 for “Esperadme en el cielo“.