The FMG was set up to give follow-through to the humanitarian work Miguel had done during his years working as a war correspondent. Miguel tried to alleviate as far as possible the situation of being helpless and forgotten that the victims of armed conflicts were left in when they were no longer on the front pages.
The Foundation initially continued the work Miguel had carried out anonymously in the countries where he had worked.
Starting in 2012, and following the recession we experienced in Spain, the FMG changed its approach and directed its efforts towards a closer and more immediate setting, specifically helping middle-class families particularly hard hit by the economic meltdown. Thus the initial efforts made in Africa have been added to by the work the FMG does in SPAIN.

Miguel Gil Moreno

Humanitarian Projects Spain

In its Como en casaproject, every fortnight the Foundation buys food for each of the beneficiary families and sends it to their homes.

Humanitarian Projects Africa

Much of the initial work of the Miguel Gil Moreno Foundation, with the assistance and generosity of businesses and anonymous people, helped local victims in areas of conflict. Over its history it has supported a number of projects to improve living, hygiene and education conditions in Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone.

Support for Journalists

During these years the Foundation has sought to improve the personal security of journalists deployed in conflict zones. It has provided the regulation vests and helmets to freelancers who need them.

EVERY TWO YEARS the FMG recognises the work of journalists who stand out for their professional and personal commitment in conflict situations by presenting the Miguel Gil Moreno Journalism Award, with prize money coming to €6,000.


Miguel Gil Moreno