José Luis Marquez León

Journalist /Cameraman RTVE

Winner of the second Miguel Gil Moreno Prize for Journalism (2003), in recognition of his coverage of the Intifada, as well as his long and influential professional journey of 20 years covering international conflicts. During these years, he has demonstrated his undeniable quality and his concept of journalism, reminiscent of Miguel Gil Moreno’s spirit and his way of dealing with information. Márquez, who received the news from the judges in Bagdad, commented: “After a month in Bagdad, this is most moving thing to happen”.
José Márquez León, cameraman with TVE, has covered all international conflicts of the last 20 years. Born in Guadalajara in 1950, he joined TVE in 1968. Since the start, he has specialised in international affairs, both conflicts and humanitarian. Starting in Vietnam in 1969, he went on to cover conflicts in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Argentina, Chile, Ethiopia, the Sudan, The Green March, Angola, Mozambique, the first Gulf War, 4 year in former Yugoslavia, 7 in Jerusalem and the second Gulf war.

II Premio Miguel Gil Moreno(Left to right)
Helena García Melero, journalist, Juan Pascual, Managing Director of Random House Mondadori Group, Patrocinio Macián, Miguel Gil’s mother and journalist Gervasio Sánchez.