Laurent Van der Stockt

War photographer (Gamma, AP)

The judging panel of the third Miguel Gil Moreno Prize for Journalism (2004) gave the award to photographer Laurent Van der Stockt in recognition of his work on the coverage of the war in Iraq. The award also recognises his long and influential professional journey in which he has demonstrated his undeniable quality and his concept of journalism, reminiscent of Miguel Gil Moreno’s spirit and his way of dealing with information.
Van der Stockt was born in Belgium in 1964. Photographer for the agency Gamma, he has worked in war torn countries for many years: The Gulf War, Yugoslavian conflict, Insurrection against the Ceaucescu regime, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, The Middle East, Africa and Chechnya. His reports have been published in the New York Times, Newsweek, Stern, Géo, El País, The Independent Magazine, Paris Match and L´Express, amongst others.
He currently resides in Paris as a photographer for the American magazine, Newsweek. He has exhibited his work on many occasions and has received awards for his photography from Columbia University (1991), from Festival Scoop d´Angers (1992,1993, 1994 and 1995), Bayeux Prize for War Correspondents (1995) and Paris Match Prize (1996).