Proyecto África
Miguel Gil Moreno en África

The Foundation has continued Miguel’s humanitarian work in the places where he lived during conflicts. Thanks to the generosity of businesses and anonymous people who support our work we have been able to carry out numerous initiatives to improve living, hygiene and education conditions in Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone.

Under the Africa Project the Foundation has worked in:

  • Help for the Ilomba Rural Centre that began in early 2002, when the Foundation began to operate in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) with the memory of Miguel who had begun his humanitarian work there.
  • We sought to equip the centre because it was important for the rural area in which it was located. So we provided material for the social centre and dispensary.
    Years later we can see that the work Miguel began has borne fruit.
  • Financing the extension of a school dedicated to the education and improving the lives of the villagers of M’Batto Boake, Ivory Coast.
  • Improvements and equipment for Yarani Abidjan girls’ school: an envoy of cooking equipment, toiletries, bedding, crockery, toys…
  • Leprosy Hospital for ulcer sickness, Buruli:
    envoy of fans, games, educational, entertainment toys…
  • The story of Paulin (2010): Paulin was a physically handicapped African boy who was found by the Capuchin Fathers in the jungle. He lived in Zouan-Hounien, Ivory Coast. Paulin’s dream was to get a job that would allow him to live decently being self-sufficient. His dearest wish was to open a call and copy shop to offer a service to the students of the town school. Thanks to the Antoni Serra Santamans Foundation, Paulin received the financial aid that enables him to realize his dream. Before he could start his business, an unfortunate car accident cut short his life. The aid was addressed to another needy person through the management of the Capuchin Fathers.


Proyecto África - Costa de Marfil

    • Construction of a school run by Javeriano missionary Chema Caballero, along with an envoy of religious ornaments for the mission.
    • Help towards the reconstruction of the Lunsar Hospital in Freetown, of the brothers of San Juan de Dios: envoy of sanitary equipment, cleaning equipment, educational and sports equipment and bedding.
    • Girls School run by the Claris sisters: envoy of sewing material, so they can learn a skill for the future.
    • Material for the Freetown school run by the brothers of San Juan de Dios: funding for administration costs, books and uniforms for 70 children.
    • Envoy of portable ultrasound equipment, Hospital Lunsar.
    • Enlargement of a nursery in Medina (2007): construction of a fence, a kitchen, a warehouse and toilets. Sponsored by Renta Foundation.
    • Awarding of 25 grants (2008): Renta Foundation sponsored 25 grants for 25 boys and girls of the high school of the town of Tonko Limba. The grant covers the registration, the obligatory school uniform, the books and the school materials.
    • Enlargement of the Mission House in the town of Madina (2008-2009):
      Construction of two offices, four bedrooms, bathrooms, a garage, installation of pipes and septic tanks, a kitchen, a laundry and a communal area for Madina people where come together to watch television, attend talks and meetings. Sponsored by Roviralta Foundation.
      The Mission House is the operations centre and home of the Xaverian Missionaries and volunteers who, led by the missionary Chema Caballero, carry out the recovery program of former child soldiers.



    Proyecto África - Sierra Leona

  • Mission Ebibyeh for the followers of Jesus Maria: envoy of sewing and schooling material and toiletries. They have also set up a cooperative whereby they can produce goods to sell.
  • PROVIDA: clothing.
  • Missionaries for the Mother Theresa Charity, Barcelona: food envoys.


Proyecto África - Otros destinos


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