Proyecto Como en casaThe recession has led to a significant increase in middle-class families struggling to meet basic expenses, such as housing, education and food.
They are the “new poor”. The majority are university-trained professionals with dependents who have lost their jobs or have been hit by the closure of their own company.
In Spain the middle classes have been the driving force and bulwark of our economy. In addition they also ensure greater stability and social peace as they play a buffer role between the extremes of wealth and poverty.
As a result the Foundation considers it essential to help this group through supporting families involved in the Just Like at Home project.
Under this scheme the Foundation takes care of the fortnightly shopping basket of participating families for one year, extendible to two.
In addition to meeting an urgent need, it prevents their members from being forced to go to soup kitchens. It is a tangible way to help provide stability, enabling them as far as possible to continue with their normal pattern of life and avoiding the risk of exclusion and family breakdown.

Proyecto Como en casaOn 31 March 2013 the “Como en casa” project was presented at the Avenida Palace Hotel at an event attended by our President, Patrocinio Macián Blaya, Mr Leopoldo Abadía and Mr Vicente Font.
“Como en casa” is the name of the project launched by the Foundation which aims to help middle-class families who due to the current recession are experiencing serious financial difficulties. To do this “Como en casa” sees to feeding the whole family for one year, extendable to two based on the resources available to the Foundation. Every fortnight beneficiary families receive a consignment at home containing food and the cleaning products needed for the personal hygiene of all family members.

Schools and parishes which have a close relationship with families are often the ones who warn of their situation and seek help.
The Foundation is in contact with them, receives their suggestions and examines with them which families are eligible for the Just Like at Home project.
In some cases it also works with schools to provide free school meals for children from families who cannot afford to pay for them.
Priority is given to families whose parents are unemployed or if their income is not more than twice the minimum wage. Each year the financial circumstances of each family are reviewed.

Food and cleaning costs are one of the heaviest burdens in a household budget.
Just Like at Home frees the family from that spending and avoids them having to go to a soup kitchen.
To engage the beneficiaries in the project, each family makes a small contribution per order. With this contribution they become jointly responsible for the assistance received.

Here is a selection of thank you letters from “COMO EN CASA”beneficiary families.


Christmas thanks
Good morning!
Happy New Year!
The holidays have been great and with the kids at home everything has been amazing!
In addition we had a marvellous surprise: a full shopping basket as a Three Kings’ present! We did not expect to get a basket on 5 January! Thank you so much!
And also thanks for the gifts of nougat, cava, chocolates, etc. in December’s basket! 

Really, thank you so much!

Family in Sant Gervasio, December 2013


Project Completion Letter
We have received the letter confirming that we will no longer receive your invaluable help as our financial situation has improved, and we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support in the “baskets” you have given us over the months when we were out of work.
Thanks for your help, which has been sensational, it really has. We encourage you to continue to help many families through the bad times and we offer our support for anything you might need. You can count on us.
We would also like you to pass on our thanks to the Board of Trustees and also our support. Many thanks.

Best regards,.

Family in Sarrià, February 2014


Project Completion Letter
Today 29 September we have just received the last order and you will get the delivery note by post this week. […]
Once again we would like to take the opportunity to thank you and convey our appreciation.  In the worst moment of our lives having this help has been a relief in all respects, not only material but also for the peace of mind which has brought us family peace and balance.
Your help has been amazing and without it we would quite literally never have been able to eat… […] I just hope to keep battling on and that we can keep on paying off debts, and when we have job stability in addition to financial stability we hope to be able someday to work with this wonderful project and repay the help we have received by helping other families who are going through the same things we’ve been through… Thank you ever so much.
Best wishes,

Family in Sant Cugat, September 2014


Thank you letter
Another year to remember Miguel Gil and all the work you do through his Foundation.
Especially on such a special day as this, the 15th anniversary of his death, we would like to thank you once again for the fact that for two years and at one of the toughest times in the life of our family, we found in the Foundation all the support we needed to weather this situation. We are still fighting and even though things are going better, that fantastic help which so relieved the moments of pain is always in our hearts.
So I would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks to the family again and tell them that today we have especially prayed for him and his family.
Best regards…

Family in l’Eixample, June 2015

We would like to thank all the people, companies and institutions that have partnered and partner this project.


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